Skin Health

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We apply a thorough approach to treatment in order to identify and address the root causes behind any skin issues. You’ll be guided and supported with the tools needed to achieve a healthier skin from the inside out.



Acne is a complex condition that can be influenced by genes, diet, hormones, changes in microflora, inflammation, and less than optimal detoxification processes. The individualised treatment involves identifying and addressing the underlying cause of acne through functional testing, nutrition and herbal prescriptions, combined with dietary and lifestyle interventions.



Eczema is a form of atopic, allergic skin reaction. The treatment starts by modulating the immune system based around the gastrointestinal tract through the identification of allergenic foods and promotion of a healthy GUT. In order to achieve that, herbal and nutrition medicines – topically and internally are frequently used. Additionally, other factors such as psychological stress and environmental irritants are also addressed as part of the treatment plan.



Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disorder that features increased cellular proliferation and hyperkeratinisation of the dermal layer. It is often associated with other conditions such as depression, bowel disorders, type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Metabolic Syndrome, obesity, stress, and poor diet and lifestyle. It is thus a key consideration in the clinical management of psoriasis to address associated conditions concurrently with the reduction of cellular proliferation, skin integrity support, and immune system modulation.


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