The skin is the largest organ of elimination of the body and therefore, reflects our inner health. A healthy skin positively affects our self-image and promotes psychological well-being. So why not create a healthy and glowing skin from the inside-out?

We offer you the skin revitalization and rejuvenation package.
In this package, we will access your inner health and identify nutritional deficiencies and excesses that may be affecting your skin health in addition to understanding how your body is excreting and eliminating toxins and waste. This complete Naturopathic assessment assists us to create a tailored and nourishing treatment plan that will enhance skin’s vitality and promote a well deserved well being.

What’s included in the package:

  • 1 Naturopathic Health Assessment
  • 2 follow-up consultations
  • Nourish to flourish a Nutritional status assessment
  • Beauty sleep assessment
  • Eating for the skin and lifestyle plan
  • 1 skin herbal tonic
  • 1 infrared sauna session at our clinic

Skin care starts from the inside – inquire now and get your glow!

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