Kale & pine nuts pesto

What I love most about this recipe is the freshness and brightness of the greens! This big-flavoured and incredibly filling kale & pine nuts pesto can be deliciously slathered on your morning toast or tossed with your favourite pasta or potatoes dishes for a quick and easy dinner! What’s good about it… Kale is a nutrient rich veggie that contains … Read more..

Herbal Guacamole

Here is a very special guacamole – rustic, fresh, and nutritious. – Add variety to your toast and boost your morning nutrient intake! What’s good about it… Avocado….love avocado – incredibly nutritious, it contains more potassium than bananas and also the healthy fats that assist maintaining blood sugar levels and promote satiety. This recipe also contains plenty of lemon juice and … Read more..

Nettle pesto

This is for herb-lovers! I LOVE Nettle so much that I had to include this recipe here! This Nettle pesto is delicious slathered on your morning toast or tossed with your favourite pasta or potatoes dishes for a quick and easy dinner! What’s good about it.. Urtica dioica or Nettle leaves are rich in nutrients such as vitamins A and … Read more..

Buckwheat pancakes

These beautiful light pancakes are best enjoyed straight from the pan, but can also be packed and taken later as snack. What is good about it… The buckwheat flour is a great gluten free alternative. Additionally, it’s low allergenic, highly nutritious and a great source of protein & fibre. This flour gives a subtle earthy flavour that is delicious and … Read more..

Scrambled tofu

A fantastic source of protein – and it’s not just for vegetarians and vegans! What is good about it… Tofu is a great alternative to be added as part of a plant-based diet or simple to add variety to your diet and vary your nutrient intake. Apart from its complete amino acid profile, tofu is also known for having protective … Read more..

Chia seeds pudding

Grab & go for breakfast or for a mid-afternoon snack What is good about it… Deliciously simple and filling, this pudding adds omegas 3s – the healthy fats to your diet while it feeds you and your healthy gut bacteria. You can add different colours and flavours by simply boosting it with seasonal fruits and spices of your preference. Ingredients … Read more..

Nourishing soaked oats

What’s good about it… This is a fantastic and easy to make porridge that can be added to smoothies to boost fibre intake, feed the healthy gut bacteria and promote satiety. Ingredients **Makes 1 large jar to be stored in the fridge In a glass container add: 1 cup of rolled oats or quinoa flakes (gluten free option) 6 tbs … Read more..

Raw beet and berry smoothie

A fast and nutrient packed recipe for people on the move Ingredients **Makes 2 tall glasses 1 banana 1/2 cup of frozen berries 1/4 peeled raw beetroot 1 tbs of almond butter 2 cups of coconut/almond/macadamia milk or coconut water 2 tbs of plain, full cream yogurt or Filmjölk or 1 tbs of plant based protein powder *If you don’t … Read more..