A comprehensive Naturopathic stress management involves a holistic approach tailored to counteract the everyday stresses of life and prevent the development of diseases.

Stress is defined as any demand on the body to adjust to external threats/situations – it can be negative (such as fear or injury) or positive (such as falling in love). However, what we mean by ‘stress’ management is actually ‘distress’ management – a situation or event that challenges or exceeds the person’s ability to cope or adjust.

When stress is perceived as overwhelming and severe to our body, the entire system and body organs can be damaged, resulting in numerous chronic and degenerative disease states. How individuals handle stress plays a major role in determining their level of health.

For that reason, if we can improve our ability to cope with stressors and/or prevent our stress response from getting too overwhelmed by seeking support, less damage will occur and life events will become lighter.

This is what this package is about: A holistic approach to health that uniquely addresses stress from a Naturopathic perspective- Tailored treatment plans to support you in 4 simple steps:

Health check > rest & digest assessment > coping mechanisms > holistic prescription

What’s included in the package:

  • 1 Health check
  • 2 follow-up consultations
  • Rest & Digest assessment
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • 1 Adaptogenic herbal tonic
  • 1 Flower essences prescription
  • 1 Yoga session at our clinic’s beautiful studio

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